At De Benedetto Imports, we have a love for pasta. We sell a high quality product, that is 100% Italian. We our proud to say we carry over 100 different kinds of pasta, with certainty that you will find what your looking for


The Granoro range includes a wide selection of pasta and other products to satisfy all tastes: from the most simple to the most demanding of palettes.

The various pasta shapes and wide variety of products are perfect for creating a balanced, healthy meal every day, as they are the essence of goodness and authenticity, produced from carefully selected and processed ingredients. The Mastromauro Family has carried out extensive research for more than fifty years, driven by a passion for wellbeing and care for the environment.

We offer: Formati Normali/ Speciali Semola/ Specialita di Attilio/ Egg Pasta/ Gluten Free/ Organic Range/ Cuore Mio/ Fresh Pasta/ Linea Dedicato



The fundamental ingredient of our egg pasta is the flavor of tradition. The quality of totally Italian raw materials, a craftsmanship like that of the past, the love for healthy eating have made this pasta unique. A real flavor to remember.

For this reason, we believe that bringing our pasta to the table can be for everyone the best way to celebrate a special occasion, even the simplest, alone or in the company of those you love, making it so unforgettable !

We offer: Paglia e Fieno/ Taglioini/ Tagliatelle/ Pappadelle/ Gran Pappadelle/ Maltagliati



The fresh pasta, the one that our grandmothers used to make in our beloved Puglia, seems to have got lost. Made right in Altamura, using only selected durum wheat semolina. All our fresh pasta is extruded trhough bronze to give it roughness and greater resistance to cooking.

We offer: Cavatellini/ Maccheroni Lucani/ Orecchiette Tricolore/Festoni/ Calamarta/ Gigli/ Tagliolina/ Capunti