Come in today and check out the various different types of cookies we offer. From Gluten free to Organic and even Vegan. Choose your favorite among the many flavors available, whether you are after a natural snack or a gourmet treat we are sure to have your sweet tooth covered!

What we offer:


Our biscuits are full of tasty and wholesome ingredients. Discover the balance between taste and simplicity in our biscuits. Plenty of delicious variations on the theme of tradition – from a classic to a cocoa or wholemeal biscuit. With innovative ingredients that match modern tastes, such as maize, barley and soymeal.

Our organic line is Made with quality ingredients: special-purpose flour, cane sugar, organic corn or extra virgin olive oil.

With all their natural goodness, Fiorbì biscuits are made exclusively with top-quality organic ingredients, which have not been treated with pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers and are not genetically modified.


Cookies made in Altamura (Southern Italy), by one of the best Italian bakers (Vincenzo D’Ambrosio). Made with quality ingredients such as natural yeast and flour from Puglia (southern Italy)