Here At De Benedetto Imports, we assure you that you will find the perfect coffee that fits your needs. Whether it be for at home use, a restaurant, or coffee bar, we have you covered!


Bell Caffè Italia wants to give everyone the opportunity to discover the world of coffee, providing its customers with high quality blends both at the bar and at home, with a sale price that is correct and accessible to everyone.
It wants to be a reference point for lovers of good espresso coffee and to propose itself on the world markets as ‘Italian Taste’, an Italian flavor, for coffee.

Bell Caffè Italia is an active part of the environmental improvement that preserves with the best ‘green’ policies both in production and in marketing through a constant process of training and sensitization of its customers in terms of waste management.



 We aspire to make the perfect cup of coffee with the perfect shot of espresso. The perfect shot you would get when you step into a tiny espresso bar established over a century ago in a picturesque Italian village.

With exactly 7 grams of the purest, best quality, freshly ground coffee bean, and, with the craft passed down to him from generations of experience, you brew a magical cup of coffee. We’re about to follow the Italian craft.